We accept most major insurance plans

At Basile Vein Specialists, we accept most insurance plans including:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (all states)
  • Fallon
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Health New England
  • Medicare
  • MVP
  • Tufts
  • Unicare
  • United Healthcare

If you are unsure about your particular insurance, please call our office.

In addition, you may also want to contact your insurance company before your first visit to learn more about the specific benefits included in your plan. Most plans include deductibles, co-insurance and other expenses that may not be covered.

Some insurance plans, specifically HMO type plans, also require referral numbers from your primary-care physician (PCP) for specialty-care office visits. If your insurance is an HMO, we ask that you get:

  • The proper specialist referral from your PCP before your initial consultation.
  • A minimum of 7-10 referrals within a year time-span.

Then, if you should require a procedure, everything will be in place.

All other insurance authorizations will be handled by our office. Check with your insurance company to verify specific coverage.

If you have insurance, when you come for your appointment, please bring:

  • Your insurance information, including your insurance card.
  • Your co-payment or co-insurance that your plan requires.

For specific questions related to your insurance please contact us at (413) 347-4767 or (413) 442-6001.

Other Options/Arrangements
We provide cost-effective treatment. The cost of your treatment will depend on your diagnosis.
Your doctor may order X-rays or laboratory tests to be done outside our office. You will be billed separately for those services by either the laboratory or the facility where the tests are performed.
Co-payments and the patient-responsible portion of the balance are requested at the time of service. We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover Card®, (HSA) Health Savings Account cards and CareCredit® financing.

For any billing/insurance questions, please call our billing office at (413) 347-4767 or (413) 442-6001.

Billing Questions
Q: Will my insurance cover any procedures I have at Basile Vein Specialists?
A: If you have symptomatic varicose veins (e.g., painful, itching, swelling, tired legs, etc.), then your insurance will cover the initial consultation and the diagnostic ultrasound that is needed to determine if you have reflux or venous insufficiency. After your diagnosis is confirmed, our office will obtain any needed authorizations from your insurer to ensure the procedure is covered and reimbursable by your carrier. This excludes all deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance that are your responsibility under your contract. Any condition that is deemed “cosmetic” after your initial consultation and that you wish to be treated for will be your responsibility.

Q: Why do I have a balance?
A: You are only responsible for the portion of payment that your insurance plan deems your responsibility. They may approve one amount, but only pay us that amount minus any co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles.

Q: Did you bill my insurance? If so, why did I get a bill?
A: We will only bill you for the amount that your insurance company tells us to bill you. It is the difference between what they have allowed as payment and what they actually paid us.

Q: Why is there a follow-up co-payment due?
A: Vein procedures are not considered actual surgeries where a “global” payment is made for all your care within a specific period of time. Each follow-up appointment or service is necessary and individual.

Q: Are compression stockings covered?
A: Some insurance companies reimburse for compression hose. You must determine if your particular plan covers compression hose. However, we do not bill insurance companies for compression hose, so you would simply obtain a receipt for your payment and submit a form to your insurer for reimbursement. Also, we can write a prescription for you to obtain your stockings at a medical supply company that may bill your insurer directly for you.