Written Testimonials

“…I was pleased with the whole thing. Two weeks after, when I woke up, I looked down and saw my legs were the same size, which they had not been for years. It is amazing…” – Sharon S., Bennington, VT

“…I am amazed. I thought I would have less pain after the procedure, but I actually have no pain at all. I am able to use the treadmill, ride bicycle and use the stairclimber, which I was unable to do before surgery. I had gained 50 pounds because it was painful to exercise. I have since resumed exercise, lost 20 pounds and plan on losing the rest…” – Tom C., Pittsfield, MA

“I’m very happy with my care. Everything was explained to me. I had itching dermatitis. It is gone and I’m very happy. If I had an autograph book, I’d ask (Dr. Basile) to sign it. I would highly recommend him, and I already have.” – Doris W., North Adams, MA

“I just think (Dr. Basile) is wonderful. I only wish I found him 15 years ago…I have more flexibility in my leg. I can walk better.” – Beverly K. , Cheshire, MA

“I sing (Dr. Basile’s) praises all the time. Dr. Basile and everyone who works there were so kind to me. It was probably the best experience I have ever had. I did the right thing by coming to Dr. Basile. Dr. Basile spends a lot of time going over details and explaining everything… For the first time in my life, I was able to wear a dress and not be embarrassed. My legs look so good I’m not quite Betty Grable, but almost.” – Dixie W., Pittsfield, MA

“My experience with the vein center was great. Dr. Basile is very thorough in his explanations as to what the problem is and how he was going to fix it. My surgery was done right there in the new office. I was awake. I was not uncomfortable, except for a minor tugging sensation. I was on my way home in less than a couple of hours. And was back to work after a couple of days! I knew my leg was always tired by the end of the day, but I did not realize how bad it felt until it felt good! Thank you, Dr. Basile and staff!” – Jean W., Dalton, MA

“I cannot say enough good about Dr. Basile’s expertise in the vascular field of medicine. Not only did he correctly diagnose my leg aneurysms, but in the past he saved my life when he diagnosed blockages in my heart arteries [thought to be related to my gallbladder] which were never caught with routine hospital tests.” – Fuad A., Pittsfield , MA

“I’m thrilled this procedure is available in this area. I could not be happier with the results. It was convenient having it done in the office, and my recovery was swift and without complications.” – E. Walak, Worthington, MA

“Wow! What a great experience. Dr. Basile and his staff are all very caring and professional. I’m not only happy with a total experience. The results are amazing.” – Kathleen C., Pittsfield, MA